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Posts tagged: Music


this is also in my Workout Mix and err time I hear it I feel like I’m in a courtside intro..Bulls Style

If I time it right, this comes on at the end of my Workout Mix…then I kill that shit 

spring-summer soundtrack staple stalley + spitta

when I’m in the ride…this is what’s knockin

fire burn….

really doe, in the 90’s I was ALL ABOUT Bay Area hip hop…fasho

I don’t smoke weed…but I do still say “bammer”

since I’m up

I just…I…I can’t…yes, yes…

this one is probably the most iconic video of the 90’s…funny Bussa Buss is the only one killing it still

this is one of the dopest beats from back then, could you imagine shit like this on the radio today??? no, you can’t, unless Adele sang over the beat…

PMW on this lil diddy during J.Lo’s Hey day. Harlem World did a joint kinda like this too. I fxxd wid it

you really need bass to appreciate this, but this went so hard